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The publishing house СР PUBLISHING has published the first edition of the book PRODUCT DESIGN in Ukraine. It highlights the most professional and original items of furniture, lighting and decor manufactured by Ukrainian designers, architects, studios. It should be noted that it is absolutely the first full edition about product design in Ukraine and it is the second edition in a series of books about interior design in our country (the first book – INTERIOR DESIGN in Ukraine

Interior Design in Ukraine


Over the past five years Ukrainian specialists made themselves known on the world scene of product design due to participation in foreign exhibitions, as well as due to numerous awards and international contests’ wins. Ukrainian product design is already going beyond the scope of “Ukrainian” and becomes an international one; its distinctive features are esthetics and quality, shape simplicity and natural materials usage; functionality is usually put first. Many interesting items are created based on Ukrainian cultural traditions; however, they mostly have just appropriate mood and recognition, more likely a kind of ethno motive.



The Author and CP PUBLISHING are grateful to all Designers, Architects and Studios, participated in the Book. The Ukrainian designers create stylish, qualitative, functional interior items with the purpose to improve the life of each individual, making it more comfortable. Many of them follow the recent years’ trends and social needs by using environmentally friendly and sustainable or recycled materials.

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This unique edition about product design in Ukraine is being assembled for publication under the auspices of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation ( within the framework of the “Culture in Times of Crisis: Institutional Support” Aid Program. The Program was launched to foster sustainable development of cultural and creative industries during the pandemic and to enhance the competitiveness of the cultural sector.  Cooperation with such solid state institution in the course of Project implementation cultivates a better understanding of raising awareness and offering stronger support within state sponsorship of creative industries in Ukraine – both of design and publishing sector.

The Author and CP PUBLISHING are grateful to all our Partners, who is supporting this Project!

About the Author: Lucia Bondar is an experienced Media Manager and Publisher, the Founder of CP PUBLISHING. She studied at different universities, including Harvard Business School. Lucia Bondar has been a journalist of CP (COMMERCIAL PROPERTY)
Magazine and the author of different specialized publications over last 10 years. Under her leadership, there was held a significant amount of different well-known events in Ukraine, including a yearly Architecture&Design Forum. She has a strong interest in interior design, she studied Interior Design at ISTITUTO MARANGONI.


Interior Design in Ukraine


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